Benno Veenstra – Director & Senior Veterinary Surgeon

During my studies in Holland I made several trips to Shropshire as a lambing assistant. This is such a nice part of the world that we decided to settle here.

I was born in Holland but was raised all over the world. I returned to Holland for secondary education and university.

After graduating I married Emmy, my aussie wife and we now also have Sophie our daughter who thoroughly enjoys living in Shropshire and ride her pony!

Being a grandson of a dairy farmer gave me the love and passion for agriculture and livestock. Still wishing to be a farmer, I now farm around 30 acres of hilly ground where we now run a commercial Zwartbles sheep flock and also have a few Longhorns. I won’t mention the horse..

As a dedicated farm vet I am on the road a lot so I get plenty of opportunity to enjoy the countryside and see what our farmers are up to!

I really thrive on hard work resulting in happy clients, happy staff and a happy family!

Building up Stapeley Vets has really enriched my life and I wouldn’t change my work with the local farmers for anything!

Being part of and contributing to the local community is really nice (most English people think I’m Welsh because of my name and the border accent I somehow picked up). I have no time for hobbies because of vetting, farming, horse riding, parish councillor and bit of forestry.

Let’s work together for healthy and profitable British Farming!!


Dominique Moelands – Director & Senior Veterinary Surgeon

In April 2006 I came to Shropshire after I graduated from vet school in Utrecht. During my studies I was especially interested in large animals and art and this is still the case.

That’s why I’m still very happy at Stapeley where we mainly focus on farm animal health with a proactive approach.

In 2011 I became a Partner in the practice.

On the art side; I’ve only been able to help one person out with information about a painting. I do realise it’s probably better to stick to vet work!

Outside of work I live together with my partner Neal and our sons Seth and Hugh, and Fly our dog who maybe one day calms down a bit.

I enjoy cycling and tennis, which I should do a lot more of, growing vegetables, however I don’t really enjoy that yet, not much success so far and cooking (maybe one day with our own vegetables).


Lauren Kinney

Lauren Kinney - Veterinary Surgeon

I qualified from the University of Liverpool in 2016 and worked as a mixed animal vet on the Welsh border for two years before moving to Stapeley Vets in July 2018. I have gained experience in all animals but my real passion lies with livestock. I enjoy all aspects of farm work but find lambing season highly rewarding. Although originally from Birmingham, I have always loved the countryside and the Shropshire hills is a beautiful part of the world to both live and work.

You will often see me with Guinness, my very playful black lab who comes on most of my farm visits. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring the Shropshire countryside on long walks with Guinness and I like to keep fit by going to the gym or doing fitness classes.


Helen Tipton – Practice Manager

I am a farmer's daughter from Waters Upton, Telford. I started working full time for my dad on the dairy farm when I left school at 16 and started to realise how much I really loved dairy farming.

In 1995 I had the opportunity to go full time at Walford Agricultural College to study an NDA. I then went back home to help run the dairy unit. With the milk price being as it was at that time (all I shall say is Dairy Farmers of Britain) to prop up our income and learn new skills I also went relief milking at Harper Adams and the Co Op at Roden.

I moved to Wall under Heywood in 2004 and had my son James in 2005. In 2008 we made the tough decision to sell the dairy cows. We kept all the youngstock (and a few pet Longhorns) and today we run a suckler herd of pedigree Longhorns and crosses.

I now spend my time travelling the breadth of the county between Church Stretton, Stapeley and Waters Upton.

Outside of work music is my passion and in between being a governor at James's school, Rushbury Primary School and being secretary of the Friends of Rushbury School (PTA), I also play the piano and love to dance.



Jane Griffin - Receptionist

I am a farmers daughter who had a lovely childhood on our diary farm at Longville, near Church Stretton.

Now I live at Worthen with my son Nathan, my sheepdog Ollie and my Ragdoll cat Chico and Nathan’s dog Snoop.

I love country life and enjoy walking and cycling with Ollie at every available moment. I also enjoy cooking (and eating!) and reading historical novels.


Daisy – The Practice Cow

Daisy is probably the best behaved dairy cow in the county. We acquired her to steal the limelight at our local agricultural Minsterley show and with success as we won the best trade stand two years running (2009 and 2010!)

Daisy does a lot of charity work and has supported many educational visits to schools. She travels to many shows because of her crowd pulling potential.

The future of British farming lies in educating the general public to appreciate our top quality produce and Daisy does her fair share for this purpose. With an udder that produces 50 litres she is a top quality cow that doesn't need feeding and never needs a vet!

During the year she lives in the practice garden (although she won't graze..) and is well known to all passers by. It makes the practice very easy to find despite being out in the sticks.

Please let us know if you think she can contribute to any of your causes or interests as she travels well and only charges a small fee.