Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

All other times
Emergency Service (by phoning the practice you will speak directly to a vet)

Tel: 01743 891855

Stapeley Veterinary Practice Ltd
The Gatehouse
Lordstone Lane
Bent Lawnt

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Our Mission Statement

Stapeley Veterinary Practice is a dedicated farm animal practice.

We promise to deliver a professional, personal and consistently high level service to the local farming community.

As a practice team, we recognise the importance of internal and external communication, the need to keep improving services and to adapt to future requirements in the livestock sector. Personal development is a key part in this.

Within our mainly clinical practice our advisory/consultancy role focuses on prevention management, being pro-active, rather than cure.

In order to achieve this aim we rely on the hard work, and dedication of all our employees, and believe that our success is driven by the following key values;

  • Mutual trust and honesty
  • Open communications and transparency
  • Strong interpersonal skills, team-work and collaboration
  • Respect, understanding, and courtesy for clients

To ensure a healthy future for the business and to be able to deliver our promise to our clients, we strive to maintain a happy and motivational work environment.